The Transformation of my Hair


So this is my hair literally the day before it started coming out. It is amazing how fast it started coming out- there was absolutely no way that I was going to be able to dye my hair, which is unfortunate because I have the hair dye sitting on the table in front of the couch. I was all dressed up to go to my chemo buddy’s fashion show at Macy’s for Make-A-Wish. I had no clue that by the next night I was going to be lacking a lot of my hair. I am glad that I did take pictures before going out because I hardly wear makeup and I decided that it would be fun to go all out for the event. Plus, this picture shows how loving cats can be, Panda is truly my cuddle buddy. He spends all day with me and never gets sick of me!


This was only some of the hair that I managed to pull out. I would say this is only 20 minutes worth of hair. Crazy, isn’t it? That is just how dramatic hair loss from chemotherapy really is. I only had little nubs of hair to pull out the first time it fell out because I had it shaved off before. My hair also looks a lot darker when it is not on my head, which I found interesting and also the case the first time I shaved it. Of course now there is teal dye to account for the discoloration, but the blonde was darker too. In the picture, there is also a tissue sitting on my lap because when I originally started pulling my hair out (which, may I remind you, does not hurt whatsoever!) that there would not be a whole lot to pull out. Boy, was I wrong! I figured it would take a week to fully be out, but it took probably one or two days for it to be gone. I was kind of glad, because since I decided to document everything, I was afraid that I would have to walk around looking like a rat for a few days. Luckily, I only had two public outings in the day that I looked like a rat- both of which were in hospitals. It was really interesting too, because this time I did not feel the stares of everyone. Maybe it is because I don’t care as much about what people think about me or how I appear, and maybe it is because people understood what I was going through. I hope it was the latter one, either way I was happy that I did not get the uncomfortable stares and feel the need to stare right back at the people.


This is what I looked like when I went to the lab to get my blood drawn, the day after I started losing my hair. I guess you could say that I was going ham on the hair, I could not stop myself from pulling it out, chunk by chunk, as disgusting as that sounds. I just wanted to get it out as soon as possible. It was also quite fun, and I felt accomplished when I was able to get most of it out before the few strands left on my head got uncomfortable and I felt the need to shave it. It kind of has a tugging feeling when you sleep on hair that clearly wants to fall out, which is weird because it does not hurt to pull it out. The human body sure is strange!

Um so my video turned out to be rather large, so please make your screen smaller so it is not overwhelmed by my face!

This is the video that I have been trying to upload for days. Well, I hope that it actually loaded onto it this time. All it shows right now is a code for it. So let’s hope for the best! The video is rather long, but I think it is a good representation of how drastic the hair loss is.


And this is me bald. Pretty self explanatory, but I am pretty comfortable with my head because it is not misshapen at all. I have like four moles that I hate and would love to get removed, but I can deal with them. My eyebrows and eyelashes should stay in for a while, but then again I have never had carboplatin before, so I guess I will have to find out as things unfold!

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