DVC Lacrosse Video and Hell’s Kitchen Video

DVC JerseyThe Diablo Valley College Lacrosse game that benefited the American Cancer Society was a tremendous event.  The team is inspirational and won in sudden death overtime.  The game winning score came just after the team shouted, “LaurenStrong!”  I’ve attached links to the DVC article and a video of the retirement of Lauren’s #1 jersey video that Lauren’s uncle, Alan Kingsley, recorded at the event.  http://vimeo.com/112349447


Hell’s Kitchen was an excellent show on the night Lauren was in attendance.  To watch the show and see clips of Lauren enjoying her night was awesome!  The clips come quickly, so watch for when we enter the dining room at the beginning of dinner service.  Lauren enters first, followed closely by mom, then dad and the Dream Foundation representative, Dawn Reid.

The next clips are of the four of us at the table being served our dinner entrees, with Lauren front and center.  Then a quick clip of Lauren’s first bite of her beef wellington.  If you run the clip in slo-mo, you can see Lauren roll her eyes upward as she savors the bite.  Truly Lauren at her finest foodie moment.  At the last minutes, Hell’s Kitchen added a tribute to Lauren and included  the photo of Lauren with Gordon Ramsay.  It’s the last shot of the episode, after the previews to the next week’s episode.  The video link is attached to the Hell’s Kitchen episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yJlabj_2MY

Hells Kitchen Tribute

3 thoughts on “DVC Lacrosse Video and Hell’s Kitchen Video

  1. I am not one to usually comment, and unfortunately I found this page months after Lauren passed on, but I feel compelled to reach out and speak up if Lauren has any loved ones reading this. I just wanted to assure you that Laurens legacy and this blog definitely continues to live on and affect lives. Mine as well. I find myself reading Laurens blog several times a day. I even told my husband that I call Laurens blog my “comfort page” when I’m going thru my psych problems and feel depressed or all alone. I do feel a tremendous amount of comfort when I get lost in her words. She truly is an inspiration and I can honestly say she’s touched my life in such a profound way, that I’ll never be the same again. My heart goes out to all of you

  2. Lauren is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, as always, in this episode of “Hells Kitchen”! Really wish she could have seen it aired, but truly wish she was never on it.

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