Bio: I am a twenty year old student athlete residing in California. I am a swimmer, a cat lover, outgoing, and am currently going through chemotherapy for my second fight against cancer.

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  1. I wish you the best Lauren! As a fellow young adult, it’s scary to think that something like this is possible. To be struck so early in your life. I wish to extend my hand out if there is anything that I can do 🙂

  2. Came upon your story through FB. I recently lost a good friend to this terrible disease at the young age of 35. His attitude was a lot like yours, he stayed positive and had the best outlook through the whole ordeal. I can’t speak on behalf of someone who has had to fight the disease but I can say that watching him fight it in the manner that he did was not only inspiring but made us all savor the little things we tend to take for granted. I have an 8 yr old son who was born blind and watching him do anything anybody else can just in a different way has given me the attitude that any situation we are dealt with is only as bad as we make it. Most people would throw the towel in and give up but it’s people like you that change people’s attitudes on life. We are all here for a short time but its what we do with that time that defines us all. Not how we eventually leave this world. You are one strong, inspiring young woman. I wish you well in your fight and will be praying for you. My wife makes special Braille Christmas tree ornaments. They say either Hope, Believe, Noel and Jesus in Braille rhinestones. We’d like to send you one for your tree as you continue your fight. The ornaments can be seen on my son’s foundation page on FB, Anthony’s Seeing Is Believing. Send us a message or email and we’ll get one to you before Xmas. Have a Merry Xmas and God Bless you.

  3. You are brave and also super cute. Not to get all superficial, but, yeah, totally cute. Cancer = horrible. Swimchicklauren = super cute. Stay strong, beat this stupid thing again. Sending you prayers. -Antonio

  4. I hope you do get well one of my best friends had it and in July we will be celebrating her 2 year memorial. I miss her like crazy but I hope you can beat this awful thing. The best of luck to you. I wish that you can accomplish what you want off your bucket list and that you can make it past your birthday. My friend had just turned 16 when she past and she made a huge difference in my life like I couldn’t believe she showed me how to make lemonade for the lemons that she was given she might not be here today but she is forever in my heart and teaching me how to be the best person possible. I wish for you to make a diffrece in the lives of the problem you love.

  5. Dear Lauren,

    I would start off by saying….”I’m writing this with a heavy heart” but, I know that would be unacceptable. So, I’m going to say this with the strength you are displaying!

    Lauren, you are such and inspiration!! The bible says (paraphrased) our life will not end until God Himself says so. God is the the author of our lives! I suffered a heart attack at 44. I don’t drink, smoke, and never did drugs. I had one stent placed. Unfortunately, it was on my widow maker (RAD). I now have heart disease and am battling to keep my arteries disease free. After reading your blog that a friend of mine shared on Facebook my heart was both touched and blessed. I can no longer sit in fear when my next heart attack will be or go to my next cardiology appointment to be told I have more blockages. No, I will live each day to its fullest without fear.

    I possible, I would be honored and blessed to follow your story as Gods plan unfolds in your life. Thank you again!

    Gripped By Grace,

    Michael Ferguson

  6. Good morning,

    I came across your blog because a FB friend shared it. Your story is touching and I admire your passion to live life to the fullest.

    I wanted to say that “falling in love” is an overrated statement. I’ve been happily married for 15 years to my best friend and I am here to say that the initial sparks one feels eventually die down and grow into a deep friendship. In the end, it’s having this deep friendship that gets you through all of the trials and tribulations (including the times you want to kill each other). True love goes well beyond the physical element and it seems Egor loves you quite a bit to be your husband, which is what it’s all about in the end. I’m not writing this to counsel you, but to hopefully comfort you that you’re not missing much on being “in love”. So many get together because they are “in love” and it falls apart once that’s no longer the reason to be together. Friendship is the key here and, of course, it helps if you have chemistry too 🙂

    You are a beautiful person and I am confident one day we will meet in person. Keep living your life to the fullest and enjoy every moment you can! Here is some comfort for the times you are down http://www.jw.org/en/publications/books/dead-live-again-tract/dead-live-again/

    Best wishes to you and yours and thank you for sharing your inner beauty for us all to draw strength from.

  7. Hello! Just wanted to ask if you’ve tried using Cannabis to help fighting this cancer. If not, please look into it, it will make your life so much more tolerable. If you’re against Cannabis, please erase all you’ve heard about it, you were conditioned to think this way. It is true natural medicine.

    Take care,


    • I have used cannabis products to help me in the past when it comes to not having an appetite. I was put on a pill called mirenol or something of that sort, basically a poop-brown weed pill and it works. I got an appetite so that I could eat and not whither away.I totally get all of the benefits that cannabis offers, especially for stress and anxiety, but the most important part for me was the appetite stimulants. I currently do not use them because my appetite is finally back (also from the help of steroids) but as for cannabis curing cancer, that needs further research. I am hopeful about its healing properties though!

  8. RIP Lauren, you’re an amazing person and so very inspirational. crazy how just last week you spoke at our school. heaven gained another angel💜👼

  9. Good Morning, just heard your NPR interview. I have quit smoking because of hearing your voice and your story. Why work to die from cancer when others are born w/ it?

    And while continuing to listen to this NPR story…I have just learned that you have since passed.

    My heart goes out to you Loren, your family, and all those your story has touched.

    John Hufford
    Rocklin, CA
    Age 34

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