Last Day of Chemo for Two Weeks!

I am so glad that I am done with my chemo until June 16th. This will give my body a chance to recover from all of the horrible chemicals that have been put in it. I talked to one of my four oncologists today and we decided that at least at the moment, radiation is not a good option. Considering that I have tumor cells all around my left lung casing, the radiation would be given on my whole left lung, which is a vital organ that should not be highly radiated. It could potentially cause damage and have less function in it. Not to mention the possibility of getting another type of cancer from the radiation. So it was decided that until I get further scans done after a few more rounds of chemo that radiation is a last resort type of treatment.

In other news, my mom sent an email to Summer Sanders, who happens to be an Olympic Gold Medalist I met at Olympic Trials in Omaha Nebraska. My mom explained all that had happened with me, my accomplishments in swimming such as getting in the top 10 times in 50 backstroke for my school, getting second place in 50 backstroke in conference, making it to state, and getting an All American time in my 50 backstroke as well- all within a few months of training after two years of lazing around and getting treatment. And also relapsing. Cannot forget that big detail. But anyways, Summer Sanders sent me a video from a hotel she was staying in in New York- that very night that my mom emailed her. Talk about being a great role model! She really cares about her fans and cares about me as a person, she always made sure to see me every day while I was attending the Olympic Trials (watching, mind you, not swimming, it was my wish granted by Kids Wish Network). It made my heart feel very big to know that she cared enough to make a video late at night, not all dressed up, and was being completely real.

Today, the cafeteria was closed yet again so we had some amazing food trucks as our meal options. I was being a little piggy and ate half a catfish poboy sandwich, a cheeseburger with bacon, bbq sauce, and fried onion strings.. not to mention a side of fries! I am glad that my appetite is staying up because I have a certain weight that I like to stay in between, and that is 125-128lbs. If I go under it, I feel unnaturally skinny and weak, and somehow I have a feeling that during this kind of chemo that I am on will not make me lose weight, or gain it for that matter as I am going to be hopping back in the pool tomorrow at the earliest and Monday at the latest. I have to stay in shape so I can go back to school in the Spring and be in better shape than I was last time. I would love to accomplish some more of my swimming goals and get more best times to where I will be faster than I was in high school and in my first year of college.

Overall, today was a pretty good, noneventful day, watched The Hobbit in the hospital and was actually able to watch the whole team without passing out from Ativan. I have always been a sucker for the Lord of the Rings movies.

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