Back in the Pool

Trying to stay in shape! Glad to be back in the pool, was in for about an hour.

I promised that I would get back in the pool and I delivered! I have been in for the past two days and I have been able to work out for about an hour. Now it hasn’t all been swimming, considering that I have only one working lung. My best friend and I push each other to keep working out harder so that we are both able to be our best that we can be. I can honestly say that I am incredibly sore, and man I am really able to create a great workout.

I figure that staying in the pool as long as possible and working out as much as I can will be incredibly beneficial for me. Getting the vitamin D while I can, keeping in shape, and keeping my tan will all make me feel like myself which should cause a decrease in my stress. Hopefully this will help me keep my hair!

I figure that keeping in shape should also help my body deal with the harsh chemicals of chemo. I can use all of the help that I can get!

I get my blood drawn two times a week just to make sure that my blood counts are good and that I do not need a blood transfusion, platelet transfusion, or stay away from crowds because my white blood cells are too low. Already, my veins are shot. They still haven’t recovered from my first diagnosis two years ago. Basically, the veins on the other sided of my elbow are extremely tiny and are not happy at all. Even with a whole year to recover, my veins are still just as bad as they were at the end of my treatment in 2012. This is unfortunate because I am sure soon enough the  phlebotomists will have to use the veins in my hands. Luckily, I have been given numbing cream- and that stuff really works! I cannot even feel when they poke me with a needle if I have the cream on, so it truly is a life saver. 

I am going to be going to the drive-in movies tomorrow and I cannot wait! I love getting out as much as I can while I feel as good as I can, I guess having one whole week where I spend a majority of my time in the hospital really makes me want to escape!

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